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Final Design

Unica Website Redesign All 6 Pages

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Unica Redesign Webpages
1. Home
2. About UNICA
3. Brand
4. Product main page – Knoll
5. Product specific page – Wood Torch
6. Community

New version of Home and Landing Page + Community Page

Home Page

Landing Page/Product Page

Community Page

Information Achitecture

Sitemap pdf

Home Page Wireframe pdf

Landing Page Wireframe pdf





Communication Brief – Unica Home Website Redesign

Project Summary: State general project information, goals, and relevant background information for the site redesign. This paragraph should be a statement overview of the project as a whole.

What is the basic overview of the project? Briefly include background information if relevant.


What is the single purpose of the new site?

Create a luxurious and yet user friendly website for consumer who are looking for modern product design.

What are the secondary goals of the new site?

Create a online community for users.

What are the long-term goals?

Increase sales and create networking for users.

Audience Profile: Profile the target audience. Provide enough detail to enhance everyone’s understanding of who the audience is. Include some audience demographic information. Use these questions as a guide. Add some of your own.

Who is your target audience? Choose a typical visitor and profile in detail. Include occupation, age range, gender, online frequency, online activities, and any other relevant information. Profile more than one if applicable.

Graphic Designer, age 20-35, 30+hours a week surfing on web, online searching for information, e-shopping, social networking, download music and so on.

What is a typical task the visitor might perform on the new site? (For example, register, log on, search for information, buy a specific product, send their email address, call for more information.)

Register, Log in, search for products, buy products, engage in community activity, leave feedback, write product review, earn store credits, join different activities in Community.

What do these people care about? Why are they interested in the product the site will be offering? What trigger would prompt them to visit the site, and why would they be enticed to return?

They are very interested in modern product design and have the money to spend on it. They care about their looks and their stuff’s looks. A well design online product shop with large content would prompt them to visit the site. Not only the function and design of the site would enticed them to return, the unique Community section would also give them advantages to make them come back.

Perception/Tone/Guidelines: How should your target audience respond to your new online presence?

They should be please to browse around the site and find what they want.

What does the target audience think and feel about the company and the current website?

It doesn’t have the right aesthetic personality. It does not organize well due to the large amount of content.

What do we want them to think and feel?

We want our audiences to find what they like, whether they have what they want in mind or not, they can always find surprises when check out our website. For example, Also from this designer, Sales or Features will inform them valuable informations.) A user-friendly feeling, easy to use function and vision candy are what we want to present.

How will this new website help achieve this goal?

This website means to accomplished all the goals that we set.

What adjectives can be used to describe the way the website and the company should be perceived by the target audience?

Clean, organized, modern, easy to use, large content, clear, high end, unique, community, helpful and one of the kind.

What are some specific visual goals the site should convey?

Make it clean, luxurious, organized and easy to read.

Communication Strategy: How will we meet our measurable goals?

What is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience? (For example, cost-effective, secure, reliable, efficient.)

Professional, high end, secure, reliable and efficient.

How will you convey the overall message? (For example, effective messaging through copy, directed path towards goal, specific offer on home page.)

Identify stages of development (if appropriate) used to execute goals.

Discover > Plan > Clarify > Content Plan > Structure Plan > Structure Site > Structure Pages > Create > Confirm > Hand off > Prepare > Build > Test > Deliver > Launch > Maintain

How will you measure the success of the redesigned site? Website hits over time and number of registrations.

Increase of sales and registered members.

Competitive Positioning: How you are different from your competition and the factors that will make you a success.

Better Design, Lager content, well organized, More interaction, valuable information and participation of users.

What specifically sets your company apart from your competition?

Same as above.

What areas of the current site are successful and why?

The existed products are beautiful.

Targeted Message: State a to-the-point word or concise phrase that will appropriately describe the site once it is launched.

Unica Home for your modern home. / Everything cool for you home.